Wonder Woman Costumes

Wonder Woman costumes are hot, and the Gal Gadot version is sure to be one of the most popular Halloween costumes in 2017, thanks to the self titled movie of 2017 and Gal Gadot’s take on the character’s prior appearance in Batman vs Superman.

Wonder Woman Halloween Costumes

While this character has been made spectacularly massive through her appearance in Batman versus Superman and now in her very own 2017 movie, she, like Batman has always been a popular character thanks to her starring in her very own TV series.

As is popular in movies nowadays, the costume is based on a design that looks fit for battle rather than looking camp and comical.

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to this character because so many variations of her costume have been made over the years. So if you prefer the TV series style over the latest movie style, no worries you are sorted.

However, if you want to be more certain of nobody else dressing up as the same character in the same costume, then you may wish to go for one of the variant designs.

The latest movie version of the  costume is sleek and modern – while retaining an element of sexiness, and the iconic wonder woman symbols. Her costume includes a new take on her TRO, one of the iconic parts of the outfit, and a feature that has been present in every version of this character.

Another cool feature of her costume is her metal goat. And then there’s her dress which consists of a red corset top part and a short blue lower part. And of course her outfit would be complete without her boots. Here she has some fantastic red and gold boots that come up to just below her knee

There are many different styles of costume again, so don’t feel that you have to be the movie costume. Take a good look at them all and choose the one which you feel most comfortable with. You can get a modest design for example that has a classic long blue skirt with white stars, perfect if you are a bit more conservative about how you look. It’s also a more Patriot design.


The original outfit comes with short swish stars and a corset. If you are more comfort minded than needing to look in character, there is also a T-shirt styled version of the corset.

Instead of wearing a skirt or shorts, feel free to get leggings, especially if the weather and temperature is not looking great, or wear them both if you like. This character’s costumes can be found in various sizes to be worn from infants, to children, adults so whether you are buying for your little girl or yourself, you are covered.

In addition to the outfit, consider buying some accessories too. This will really pull the whole costume together. So you may wish to get the iconic lasso that this character loves to use. This is usually golden design. And of course as we see especially in the dawn of justice movie and the 2017 film, you may wish to get replicas of her sword and shield.

So you go girl and rock Halloween 2017 in your wonder woman costume.