The Walking Dead Costumes

Well one of the mainstays of TV just keeps on going – The Walking Dead. Whether you feel the show jumped the shark after Negan’s formal introduction, it doesn’t look like it’s in danger anytime soon. It’s thrilled countless fans and we’ve all been kept on the edge of our seats with some great storytelling and fantastic twists and turns, and shocks. You never know what character you expected to be around for a while, suddenly isn’t. Or even worse, if they’ll first become a Walker.

The Walking Dead Halloween CostumesGoing way back to the shocking breakdown and collapse of the friendship and camaraderie between Rick and Shane, and ongoing character development quickly revealed The Walking Dead to be a show to watch. Who would have thought that an initially submissive and abused Carol would develop into one of the kick ass lieutenants of the group?

And then it keeps on shocking as we see character some may know from the comics as having a shelf-life, and other that’s don’t. Now it’s time to bring some of that magic yourself to the party. And because there are so many different characters, yet based on people rather than outfits, it’s easy to dress as your favorite character. It’s also great for going to the party as a group.

Who’s your favorite, Rick Grimes, the “leader” of the group? You can get a law enforcement State Trooper costume which will be a throwback to Rick’s look back in Season 1 when the show started. But you could just as easily make one up of your own too.

The outfit consists of shirt and pants. The shirt comes with functional pockets. You also get an attached neck tie and badge.

The pants have loops so you can put a belt on as well. The belt also has a holster on it. However you will need to buy any weapon accessories separately.

You also get a hat with a star law enforcement badge on the front center of it to complete the look.

You may want to wear a pair of smart black shoes to go with it. And if you are that way inclined – a pair of shades.

Negan is the villain everyone loves to hate. Now the shock of Glenn and Abraham’s dispatch by Negan and Lucille is already a whole season gone, he’s become the main focus of the story and fans look forward to seeing what comes next.

You can dress as Negan for Halloween. You can get a leather jacket, and red neck scarf if you wish to created your own design. Lucille however, you will need to buy. Well you could create your own version too, but a real razor wire wrapped around a baseball bat certainly would not be a smart idea.

Or maybe you prefer Daryl, somewhat taking a background role in the first half of Season 8 while there’s so much going on elsewhere. He is a firm fan favorite and one of the heroes of the groups, helping them get out of many scrapes.

You can get a crossbow accessory, being one of Daryl’s favorite weapons – before a certain Savior turncoat took it from him. One of his iconic looks  was when he wore a poncho, with an official Daryl Dixon poncho now being on sale. It’s bright and colorful, so will stand out against any ghouls and ghosts.

Again, if you have an idea of going to a party as a group. This theme offers a great way for a group to go as various characters. No official costume of a character you like? No problem, improvise and have a great time.