Thundercats Halloween CostumesThundercats Halloween Costumes are hot like Thunder! “Purrfect” costumes to get Halloween off to a cat roaring start!

The lovable humanoid felines that touched many a young person’s heart in the 80s were one of the last cartoon cult classics from that decade to be revived, after a delay due to various reasons.

Finally in recent years, they were back on TV and then the cartoons were released on DVD. And now you can get the costumes.

And if that was not enough, the series was rebooted in the year 2011 as well, screening on the Cartoon Network.


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Thundercats Halloween Costumes Lion O

Thundercats Lion-O Costume

The Lord Of the ThunderCats had to learn very quickly.

Leaving his doomed planet Thundera as a small cub, Lion-O would awaken from his suspension capsule after crash landing on Earth to discover he was now fully grown, and now leader of the last known surviving Thundercats.

The Deluxe Lion O Halloween Costume includes a chiseled muscle chest jumpsuit, plus blue boot tops attached.

You also get a molded belt featuring the logo. And you get a molded “Claw Shield” gauntlet and an over-the-head character mask.

Lion O’s Sword of Omens can be purchased separately.

Thundercats Halloween Costumes Panthro

Thundercats Panthro Costume“Damn Those Blasted Mutants”

Panthro is both strong and also has his smarts about him. He is a technical genius helping the Thundercats design their Cats Lair and also the fearsome Thundertank.

Panthro is not one to messed with as he could probably break you with his little finger.

The Panthro costume features a sculpted muscle chest armor jumpsuit with attached boot tops. You also get a molded belt featuring the logo, and a wristband plus cool Panthro character mask.

Cheetara Costume

ThunderCats Cheetara CostumeIt took a little longer than the other costumes, but finally for the ladies, the sexy Cheetara costume is here.

Be the fastest Thundercats member based on the fastest member of the cat family – the cheetah.

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“Cheetara The Quick” as she was referred to in “The Lost Intro” intro the first episode of the Thundercats is the only adult female Thundercat member of the original cast.

But like the other Thundercats, she brings her own significant and unique abilities.

In her case, what she lacks in brawn physcially as a woman, she more than makes up for in speed and agility.

With the Cheetara costume you get her yellow bodysuit and tights.

Plus a pair of boot covers and to complete the look, you get a yellow wig with cheetah spots.

Now go run rings round those Halloween monsters in your Cheetara Halloween costume.

If any monster tries to mess you around this Halloween, you’ll run rings around them so fast, it’ll make their head spin. And that’s before bringing out Cheetara’s trademark staff weapon of choice to whack those zombies senseless.

It’s time to roar!

Thundercats Halloween Costumes For Kids

Thundercats Costumes For KidsThundercats was rebooted in 2011 and so for your kids, they will probably prefer the newer style over the old style that mum and dad love.

And here they are, Thundercats Costumes 2011 reboot style.

Currently there is only the choice of Lion O, Panthro, Tygra and for boys that are a little monster – Mumm Ra.

Thundercats Halloween Costumes Mumm Ra Mask

Thundercats Mumm-Ra MaskMumm Ra Mask

Before Mumm Ra, there were just the Mutants troubling our heroes.

Now that our heroes are on Earth, they have to fend not just the Mutants but also Mumm Ra “The Ever Living.”

This powerful beast is hell bent on capturing the Sword Of Omens to solidify his grip on power.

The Mumm Ra Halloween Mask features an ancient Egyptian style helmet, plus ferocious facial features.

Unfortunately they haven’t made a Mumm Ra costume, so the Mumm Ra mask will have to do with a bit of costume improvisation.

2011 and 1985 (inset) Comparison Video

Thundercats Costume Video

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