Spiderman Halloween CostumeThere’s a reason why certain characters become really iconic and stand the test of time, no matter how many comic book and movie incarnations they go through. Spider-Man is one of those characters, so if you want to channel your inner superhero, it’s probably a good idea to dress up as a character who’s not only instantly recognizable but also well-loved.

Spider-Man’s likeability crosses borders, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a full-fledged adult or a kid who dreams of saving the world. More than having superhuman strength, agility, and speed that all allow him to cling to the walls of skyscrapers and swing from one building to the next, Spider-Man also has a lot of pretty cool devices that help him defeat his enemies.

Peter Parker, the man behind the Spider-Man persona, sews his costume himself to conceal his identity, and this iconic red and blue jumpsuit with the signature web print is one of the most classic Halloween costumes you can go with. Spider-Man has appeared in so many movie franchises, including Captain America: Civil War, wherein he is recruited by Captain America. Because of this, there are many different costume variations that allow you to add some spice to the usual Spider-Man look.

Most Popular Costume Variations

For Men

This classic red and blue Spider-Man outfit fits like a glove, to the point of it being almost like second skin. Covering the body from head to toe, this will truly make you look like Spider-Man as it only zips up in the back and has mesh netting in the eyes, mouth, and nose. You’ll also find anti-slip grip pads at the soles of the feet. This comes in Medium (34”-40” chest), Large (38”-44”), and Extra large (42”-48”) sizes.

This is another one of Spider-Man’s full body suits, except this time it comes with sculpted padding that gives your chest and shoulders a muscular appearance. It has the same spider web print all over and large black spider printed on the chest. Available sizes include ST (42”-44” chest) and XL (44”-46” chest).

A 100% polyester jumpsuit with a velcro enclosure can also serve as your Spider-Man costume, and this time it doesn’t have to be literally head to toe. The jumpsuit comes with a mask but you can use them separately, and you can pick your choice of footwear. Available sizes include ST (44”-48” chest) and XL (50”-52” chest).

For Women

The female version of Spider-Man’s costume is still red and blue and contains the signature spider web design and spider print. This one however is extra glossy and hugs the female curves at the right places. It also comes with an eye mask and wrist cuffs. The sizes available are Small (26”-32” chest), Medium (32”-40” chest), and Large (40”-46” chest).

This red and blue jumpsuit still hugs your curves in all the right places, but it comes as a halter and with no sleeves to constrict your arms. This 100% polyester jumpsuit comes with gauntlets as well as an eye mask.

Just because it’s Spider-Man doesn’t mean you have to be constrained to wearing jumpsuits. This shiny mini-dress with an attached belt is the perfect option for tweens and tiny ladies, and it comes with sleeves that have peaked spiderweb ends, fingerless gloves, an eye mask, as well as red leggings. Sizes include Medium (18”-25” waist), Large (20”-27” waist), and

Extra Large (22”-28” waist).

For Kids

This Spider-Man jumpsuit for kids is made of 100% polyester with fiberfill stuffing in the chest and the shoulders. This gives it a more muscular look. Available sizes are Small (28”-32” chest), Medium (32”-36” chest), and Large (38”-40” chest).

Red and blue may be Spidey’s signature colors, but there’s also a black version of his outfit, which is what he used when he was infected with the symbiote virus. This ‘black Spider-Man’ is certainly more unique than the classic one, but it’s still recognizable. The sizes available include Small (25” chest) and Medium (27” chest).

The classic Spider-Man and the black Spider-Man are two sides of the same coin, and people often have a hard time choosing which one they want to appear as. Fret not, because this reversible outfit gives you the best of both worlds. The sizes available include Small (26” chest) and Medium (28” chest).

Official Costume Accessories

To complete the Spider-Man look, you can use any of these available costume accessories:

His full overhead mask is an integral part of Spider-Man’s look, so if your costume doesn’t come with a mask yet then it’s best to get this accessory.

The authentic Spidey look can be completed if you have these two light-up web shooters that come with a button-activated red light.

Wearing these sunglasses is a way to achieve that Spidey look without having to don a full overhead mask.

Why Dress Up as Spiderman?

Spider-Man is well-loved not just because of his cool superhuman abilities but because of who he is inside. Before he was bitten by the radioactive spider that gave him all of these abilities and made him Spider-Man, he was Peter Parker, a teenager struggling with a lot of relatable issues. Awkward, lonely, shy, and nerdy, Peter Parker is far from perfect. But Spider-Man’s journey is precisely one of Peter overcoming all of these to transform into the superhero that he is. It is this boy-next-door-turned-superhero charm that makes him endearing.

Naturally, you can’t discount Spider-Man’s powers and abilities. He has helped save the world from its enemies more than a couple of times, shooting spider-webs and using his agility and spider sense to combat his foes. But underneath all this is a normal teenager trying to find his way, and coming to terms with the understanding that truly, with great power comes great responsibility.

Character Profile

Peter Parker was just an ordinary kid. But after being bitten by a radioactive spider, he acquired spider-like abilities. When his beloved Uncle Ben died, he realized that he needed to protect mankind, save the innocent from harm, and restore peace and order. And so he became Spiderman.