Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes

It’s very clear that the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is one of the most popular movie franchises ever – particularly among teenagers, pre-teens, and young adults, and it’s a hit at Halloween for costumes, too.

As of 2017, there are five movies in the series, with the first one having been released in 2003. The story follows Captain Jack Sparrow, a pirate mastermind who goes on many adventures on the seas, battling and outwitting various pirate legends including Davy Jones and Blackbeard.

There’s a wide array of cast members, making for an excellent series of Halloween costumes for any kid or young adult who loves pirates. The obvious first choice of costume is Captain Jack Sparrow, given that he’s the protagonist.

Jack Sparrow has long, brown dreadlocks and covers the top of his head with a red bandana and occasionally a tricorn hat. He has dark eyeliner circles around his eyes, and patchy musketeer facial hair.

His outfit consists of a white collared shirt with a vest over it, along with grey pants. He also has some light scarring on his face. Most costumes will include the clothes and the hat, but won’t always include the hair or the shoes.

Jack Sparrow isn’t the only character you might want to dress up as. You might find the villains from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies more interesting than the protagonist. One of the easier villains to dress up as is Blackbeard.

As his name would imply, one of the most obvious parts about him is his large black beard. His beard has braids in the middle, tipped off with bits of silver. Apart from that, he wears mostly grey and black clothes resembling those from the 18th century.

Like Captain Jack, he also wears a black tricorn hat. Of course, no pirate costume is complete without the right accessories. The most obvious ones you could get are the weapons that they use in the movie, like a sword with a scabbard.

Most of the swords you’ll find aren’t made of metal, but plastic. They also don’t have an edge to them, so you can’t harm yourself or anyone else if you’re playing around with it.

You can also get non-functioning replicas of the flintlock pistols that all of the pirates used in the movies and in real life. You can stuff them in your belt just like all of the pirates used to do. You can also get fake facial hair to match your characters, such as moustaches, goatees, and full beards.