Monster High Costumes

Monster High is the fictional high school where various children of monsters and creatures band together in unity because of their differences. The Monster High webisodes became wildly popular among children and teenagers alike, so costumes are in demand for this demographic.

There are plenty of characters from the series that are fan favorites so you have a lot of different costumes to choose from. If you’re looking for group costume ideas, then ones from the Monster High selection would be a great choice.

Many of these costumes also come in adult sizes. One of these is Frankie Stein. She’s the daughter of Frankenstein. Her bubbly personality shows in her delightful outfits. You can find some of her costumes, which feature dresses in various designs, in blue and red plaid.

Many of her different outfits come with accessories like a tie and lace gloves as well as a belt. But you’ll have to buy her wig and tights as a separate purchase. There’s also her black and blue dress that has a belt and chain.

Some of the costumes will feature the scars on the sleeves, but not all of them. Some of her costumes have studded belts. You can find some with her famous black and white striped hair wig and the tights.

Her friend Draculaura is the daughter of Dracula and she also has a wide selection of costumes that are cute and glamorous. Many of these are one piece outfits and usually a dress.

But these dresses are all cute designs and some come with neckties. Many of them include the dress, the wig and tights as well. So the only thing you’d have to buy are the shoes.

Clawdeen Wolf is the Werewolf’s daughter and she’s cute and trendy. The outfits that she wears that you can find as Halloween costumes include ones like shirts that have attached jackets and mini skirts, but you can find some that are dresses.

She usually has plenty of accessories with her costumes. Some of them have the headband with the wolf ears and her long, curly hair wig. Plus, you can find some that also have the belt and leg warmers included with those.

Cleo De Nile is the Egyptian princess of Monster High. Her costumes are usually made of a thin sheer overlay on top of a shirt along with legging style pants, an armband and glovelet.

Sometimes you can find the wig with her costumes but if you find one that you like and it doesn’t have it, you can order it as well. There are male characters on the series, but it’s mostly the female characters who have costumes available.