Mayan CostumeA Mayan costume allows you to represent the now unfulfilled Mayan prophecy of the heralding of the end of the world on December 21st 2012, or to simply wear a very impressive Indian costume.

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According to the ancient Mayan calendar, 2012 was the last year that the Earth was supposed to survive. The end of the world was forecast to happen on December 21st 2012 in our calendar – just before Christmas! The ancient Mayans were wrong! 2012 has come and gone. We’re still here!

Be a bringer of news of doom for Halloween or any other costume party in a Mayan King costume for men or Mayan Queen costume for women. They make a novel and unique End of the World costume compared to the usual zombies, witches and other supernatural beings. And they look pretty impressive and awesome.

Get Your Mayan Halloween Costume on because it’s time to “Party Like There’s No To-Maya!”

Mayan King Costume

Mayan King Costume

Be a historically wise and strong leader of Mayans.

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Celebrate the last Halloween on Earth as a King. While you’re still here, you’re ready to use that spear to dispatch some Halloween ghouls.

The Mayan King Costume comes with a tunic and cape, plus vinyl chest.

You also get collar armor, plus a belt that also has a character belt drape.

And to round this End of the World costume off, you get a feather headdress, cuffs and shin guards.


Mayan Queen Costume

Mayan Queen Costume

Are you ready for the end of the world? No worry, in this mesmerizing out nobody will be worrying about anything; they’ll be fixated on you!

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This stunning Queen will catch the eye of all who she sees this Halloween.

The Mayan Queen Costume comes with a dress that has an attached cape and also a fringe trim neckline.

You also get an embroidered corset that has an attached apron drop.

To round this Queen Mayan costume, you get a feather headpiece, plus matching arm cuffs and a necklace. What a great End of the World costume!

No Prophesied Boom Today?

Listen To This Lady’s Perspective On Catastrophic Events!

Space, the final frontier? No just another place to wait for the end says this lady:

Behind The Prophecy – The Mayan Civilization

You may be wondering who actually were the Mayan people who prophesied an event that would enter into popular Western culture long after the civilization became extinct?

They were a Mesoamerican civilization and played a significant role in the shaping of pre-Columbian America. Hieroglyphic script was used as their writing system. It was also the only fully developed writing system in that region at the time. The Mayans also made contributions with architecture, art, mathematics, the calendar and of course astronomy.

It is the latter two of course that led to the 2012 phenomenon. It marked the end-date of the calendar as the Western calendar date of December 21st 2012.

2012 Doomsday Video

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Video about the Mayan prophecy for the End of the World 2012. 44 minute picture documentary of Doomsday!