My Little Pony Costumes

My Little Pony first started out as a toy line, but quickly won the hearts of millions of people with the sweet focus on kindness and friendship. The toys quickly branched out into a show as well as a 2017 movie.

In the movie, Ponyville is at risk and the My Little Pony friends have to find a way to protect the place that they love. There are plenty of different characters from the line that you or your child can dress up as this Halloween.

One of these characters is Pinkie Pie. This delightful pony is a fun and sweet character. Her costume features a pink tunic top. Some of these tops will have an image of Pinkie Pie across the front of it.

You’ll find a lot of attention to detail with her costume – such as the puffy sleeves. Many of them even feature the delightful pony tail that can be removed from the costume. The bottoms of some of these costumes are leggings, rather than pants.

To round out the outfit, some of these costumes come with the pony headband so that the child can also have ears like Pinkie Pie. If your little girl prefers, though, you can find some of these Pinkie Pie costumes that are in tutu style rather than with leggings.

These are usually designed featuring the same bright colors that Pinkie Pie is known for. Next on the list of much loved Pony characters is Twilight Sparkle. Any little girl would love to dress like this magical Pony.

What you’ll find with most of the costumes created after this Pony is like the name says – the outfits will sparkle. Some of them are designed so that when the child moves, the clothes appear to sparkle.

Many of these will feature a dress or a tunic and leggings, or a tutu or other designs as the base for the costume. Then you’ll find varying accessories with them. Some will have more items than others – such as including the wings and detachable tail along with the headband to give your child ears like the beloved Pony.

But even if you don’t find one that gives you these extras, you can still get them as a separate purchase. You can find most of the My Little Pony costumes from the movie in sizes that will fit young toddlers all the way up to young girls and even adults.

One of the adult costumes that you can get is the one designed after the Rainbow Dash My Little Pony. This can come in different styles including a dress or tunics and tulle skirts. Some of these costumes will also have the wings and include the colorful wig and ear headband plus the leg warmers.