LEGO Ninjago Costumes

While it doesn’t have the immense following and history that other popular franchises have, LEGO Ninjago has become extremely popular among young boys and girls. It was first released in 2010, both as a line of LEGO toys and as an animated TV show.

The basic premise is that four ninjas with the ability to control certain elements are trying to stop an evil mastermind. The TV show has released seasons as recently as spring 2017, so naturally they’re very popular for kids Halloween costumes.

There are many different styles of Ninjago costumes available, as well as a variety of accessories that you can pair with your costume. The ninjas themselves all have very similar outfits, but all in different colors corresponding with their element.

Kai, the fire ninja, wears a red face covering and robes. Cole controls earth and wears black, Jay controls lightning and wears blue, and Zane controls ice and wears white. There are two ways you could make your Ninjago Halloween costume: homemade, and store bought.

If you want to make it homemade, you can use colored t-shirts or towels to make the face mask, and get some colored robes to match. However, premade costumes are a lot more authentic looking.

Most premade costumes include a blocky foam body with the respective ninja’s colors and symbols on them, and look just like the bodies of the LEGO figures. They also sometimes include gloves that make your hands look like the two part LEGO figure hands.

There masks that make your head look exactly like the figurines that the costume is based on, with a mesh part that you can see through where the LEGO figure’s skin and eyes would be showing.

There are costumes available for all four ninjas, as well as other side characters in the Ninjago universe. Of course, you’d want to add accessories if you really wanted to complete your costume.

Each of the ninjas has their own weapon that they specialize in using. Kai uses a sword, Cole uses a scythe, Jay uses nunchucks, and Zane uses throwing stars. There are many versions of these available in costume stores, some being made from plastic and others from foam, so kids can’t hurt each other with them.

You can either get generic looking plastic swords or swords that look like they’re from the show or the toy set. You can also get socks to match the color of the outfit your character wears, because they don’t typically wear shoes in the show.