Kingdom Hearts Costumes

For those who don’t know, Kingdom Hearts is the name for different RPGs that lets players interact in a series of cartoon worlds that kids and adults know and love. Players can explore the Beast’s castle and will be able to interact with the characters from the movie, for example.

The various worlds are why this game provides so many Halloween costume opportunities. Players can be transported into the world of the Lion King as they make their trek toward the goals they need to reach. They’ll get to spend time with Pooh and Tigger in 100 Acre Wood.

For a spookier world, there’s Halloween Town which is based on The Nightmare Before Christmas. There’s the world of Peter Pan in Neverland and the world of Tarzan in the jungle background.

Each of these settings has inspired the imagination of many kids. That’s one of the reasons that the costumes for the characters in the game has become so popular. You can find costumes for both children and adults alike.

One of the costumes allows you to fight along with Goofy and Donald Duck as the character of Sora. He’s a main player in the Kingdom series and is loaded with supernatural abilities.

His costume is a pretty cool looking outfit. Some of these feature the short jacket like you see in the game. They’ll also include a separate top and pants. Most of them include the fingerless gloves and some will also include a set of boot covers.

There is a wig for this character, but many of the costumes don’t include this. But even if you don’t get that separately, with this costume, you’ll ready to make your way through the next world in the game – or the next street in your neighborhood as you trick or treat for candy!

There’s an adult costume for the character of Kairi from the game. She’s a protagonist and is one of the most likable characters. This character is friends with Sora. Her dress in the game is pink and you can find that in some of the costumes but there will be ones that vary from that color.

With this costume, there’s usually a detachable belt and pouch included like she uses in the game. You’ll find some costumes that will also include the bracelets she wears, but not all of them will include these.

She has a wig that comes separately as well as a Keyblade that you also have to buy apart from the costume. In the game, when a character’s heart turns dark, they can become a Heartless, which is the step that allows a Nobody to have a body.

Sora’s Nobody is called Roxas, and you can find an outfit based on that part of the game if you look under cosplay for the Halloween costume. Of course, this game gives groups a great option if they want to dress up as the main characters and Disney-related ones, too.