IT Pennywise Costumes

It Pennywise costumes are hot for 2017 thanks to the triumphant movie version of this horror classic. Pennywise was the creepy clown based on Stephen King’s equally creepy novel titled IT. The clown was a killer that haunted and terrified children as well as adults. He was so creepy that one glimpse of his lair where he kept some of his trophies from the children he killed was enough to make even the toughest viewer feel a chill.

IT Pennywise Halloween CostumesPennywise had the look and feel of an evil character whose name to this day still strikes fear and elicits shivers. Set in the town of Derry, Maine, the clown wreaks havoc with every appearance – and it’s sure to be a bestselling costume this season.

There’s a new movie based on this evil clown that’s due for release later in 2017. In this newest movie, Pennywise has the Losers Club on his radar and he’s going hunting. The remake is one of the movies slated to top the box office charts.

From the trailers of the movie featuring Pennywise, you’ll see that the way the clown dressed has changed from the well-known attire that he wore previously. His new look is more old fashioned and looks like it’s roughly based on an 1800s or 1900s style.

While this creepy character is just as scary as ever before and his latest costume gives a nod to that horror, you can find the costumes that are available for Pennywise from the past IT version, too.

Many of these original costumes start with a basic jumpsuit. Though many of them are yellow, not all of them are. The costumes usually have at least three large pompoms in a line down the front of the jumpsuit. These pompoms can vary in color.

Some of them also have a vest that’s included. This vest is usually in colors that are different from the jumpsuit but they’re also bright colors. Most of the costumes have a large collar that looks like several ruffles that go with the jumpsuit.

Though you’ll often see white gloves shown with the costumes, these are often a separate purchase. Some of the costumes will have the Pennywise mask included. What you’ll often find with this is a white mask with a large red tipped nose.

The eyebrows on the mask are usually pencil thin but these can vary. The eyes are usually dark lined. One thing that rarely varies from costume to costume is the fearsome looking razor sharp teeth in the mask.

These are surrounded by bright red lips. The wild red hair is attached to the mask in most cases. The 2017 version of Pennywise has a pants and shirt set combo – and the shirt is grey and white with puffy sleeves and a collar and red pom pom buttons going down the front.

Even though this is a horror movie, you can find the Pennywise costume in sizes that range from child to adult. You can also pick up some horror movie accessories like a fake knife if you want to carry something around with you. Enjoy Halloween 2017.