Halo Master Chief HelmetWith a Master Chief helmet, the world knows that you are on a mission and you are not letting anybody get in your way human or otherwise.

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With the helmet and costume you can now be a super soldier Spartan leading the fight against the Covenant.

If you are in need of the original Spartan helmet, or you are wanting the Halo 4 / Reach Red helmet or blue, or masks of the other popular characters from the franchise, you can find them here.

So let’s get moving and take a look at the Master Chief helmets Spartan soldier!

Halo Master Chief Helmet

Halo 3 Deluxe Master Chief HelmetMake sure you are well protected against the Covenent from head to toe, starting with a decent helmet for the head.

The Deluxe Master Chief Helmet is the highest quality helmet available.

You will get access to the state of the art super soldier tools and gadgets to defend the Earth and humanity.

It’s time to do battle soldier, don your Mark IV MJOLNIR armor and get to work!

Halo Universe 2 Piece Red Spartan Master Chief Helmet / Mask

Halo Universe Red Spartan Master Chief Helmet

It is time to get your game on with the red or blue Spartan mask.

Become the super Master Chief with the Red Spartan 2 Piece Mask.

This red or blue master chief helmet for sale has an intricately detailed full helmet plus a gold see through visor.

The mask also has precisely cut breathing holes and the helmet’s shading is stunning!

Halo Master Chief Helmet – 2 Piece Vacuform

Halo 3 Master Chief 2 Piece Vacuform MaskSoldier are you ready for action?

It’s time to kick the Covenant’s butt and defend humanity and the Earth from these alien invaders this Halloween.

This two piece mark is dark colored and will complete the Master Chief costume or whatever other great costume idea you choose to wear it with.

Halo Universe Brute Stalker Mask

Halo Universe Brute Stalker Overhead Latex Mask Adult

This Covenant beast takes no prisoners!

Become the lethal and hard to take down Brute Stalker soldier in the Brute Stalker Overhead Latex Adult Mask.

The mask features the Brute Stalkers unique red Cyclops eye detail and a sinister and vicious smile.

Halo Arbiter Mask

Halo Arbiter Overhead Latex Mask

Not all is what it looks like!

Become the monster that in the end turned its back on the Covenant to join the effort to protect mankind in the Arbiter Overhead Latex Adult Mask.

The mask has mischievous moth detail plus also an attached helmet.

What Is Halo?

Halo is a military themed gamed based on a fictional interstellar war between the human race and an alliance of alien races collectively called the Covenant.

They are a theocratic group led by their religious leaders who are known as the Prophets.

The player plays the game as Master Chief John-117, who is one of the Spartans. The Spartans are a group of supersoldiers fighting to help save humanity from being wiped out.

Halo 4 Multiplayer Video

Master Chief Helmet

Video below showing multiplayer mode in action.

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