Gremlins Halloween CostumesFor one of the best novel and most awesome Halloween costumes, go for a Gremlins costume. Especially if you can go as a cute Gizmo and evil Stripe couple. People will love it.

Everyone always expects to see a Superhero or Supervillain, a pirate, a vampire, but a Mogwai or a Gremlin from the 80s?

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They didn’t see that one coming. This classic comedy horror has, like Mogwai spawned its own Halloween costumes, offering the choice of  Stripe or Gizmo outfits.

Gizmo Gremlins Costume
Stripe Gremlins Costume

Let’s take a look at the Gremlins Halloween costumes available.

Stripe Gremlins Halloween Costume

Adult Gremlins Stripe Costume

Stripe Gremlins CostumeAnd for the men, there is the head honcho leader Gremlin Stripe.

You will certainly stand out in the crowd in this full costume to transform you into the badass green lizard like creature.

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And if you are a prankster, who better to dress as than mischief and mayhem causing Stripe?

A stripe Gremlins costume makes a great mens Halloween costume and is a perfect accompaniment to the ladies Gizmo costume if you are attending a Halloween party as a couple.

The Stripe Gremlins costume, is also a perfect accompaniment to the ladies Gizmo costume if you are intending to attend a Halloween party as a couple and are looking for a Couples / His and Hers Halloween costumes idea.

It could also be a great Christmas costume in a twisted Nightmare Before Christmas kind of way, being that the events of the movie take place during the Christmas season.

The Gremlins Stripe costume for adults comes with a reptilian patterned jumpsuit, matching gloves and Gremlins mask.

Gremlins Gizmo Halloween Costume

Sexy Gizmo Gremlins Costume

Gizmo Gremlins Costume

For the ladies, there is a sexy Gremlins Gizmo Halloween costume. Gizmo is the name given to a Mogwai, who in its non Gremlin-transformed natural state looks cute, adorable, joyful, if maybe also a little mischievous.

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Mogwai is the exotic, exclusive and friendly pet everyone will have fond memories of. And for Halloween, dressing as Mogwai brings lots of fun with the cute Gremlins Gizmo costume.

The Sexy Gizmo Gremlins Halloween Costume comes with a white and brown dress with matching leggings.

You also get a Gizmo mask/headwear to complete the look.

Just stay away from food after midnight – oops, okay for Halloween go right ahead and do the opposite, especially if Stripe is in sight.

Is there a Gizmo Gremlins Halloween costume for baby available?

Unfortunately at the time of writing there is no Gizmo Gremlins baby costume on sale, but there are still many other great choices of baby Halloween costumes to choose from.

Is there a Gremlins dog costume available?

Unfortunately at the time of writing there are no Gremlins costume for dogs on sale, but there are many more great choices available and if you wanted something similar to the Stripe look, a dog Yoda costume might be a nice alternative, especially as Star Wars is hot once more.

Gremlins Movie Trailer

Where it all began, take a trip back to 1984 with this Gremlins movie trailer.