Game of Thrones Costumes

Game of Thrones is one of the most well received series on television, gaining great popularity from 2011 on. It’s the TV adaptation of a series of medieval fiction books written by George R.R. Martin, and focuses mainly on the struggle for power between various families within a kingdom.

Some of the most popular costumes since 2013 have been based on this show’s easily recognizable, beloved, and sometimes hated characters. The two most popular characters in the show in 2017 are Jon Snow, Commander of the Night’s Watch, and Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons.

Both of these costumes have tons of potential as solo costumes or group ideas. Jon Snow’s outfit is fairly easily recognized by any fan of the show. He wears a black tunic with a dark furred cape, keeping him warm in the harsh northern cold.

He has short, curly black hair coming down to his neck, and there are many wigs available that resemble his haircut very closely. Jon Snow also has prominent facial hair, which is a very short beard.

He also has a few battle scars running across his face. His facial hair and scars can be easily drawn on or put on using fake scars. Along with his outfit, you’ll want to add some black boots and possibly even a sword, which he uses very frequently.

Daenerys is even more recognizable than Jon Snow, particularly because of her very bright blonde hair, which almost appears white. There are tons of wigs on costume websites that get the color and style almost exactly right.

For the main part of your costume, you’ll need her blue tunic and cape, as well as her tan pants with brown boots. To complete the look, you might want to buy bright blue colored contacts, which will make you look even more like the real Daenerys.

Given that Game of Thrones is full of factions and groups, it makes a great candidate for group costume ideas. You and your friends might go as all of the Starks, or even a group of all the important characters who died.

For mothers, you might dress up your baby as a dragon, and dress yourself up as Daenerys, given that she raised all of her dragons from their hatching. You might even go as groups of enemies, characters that would never go near each other in the show.

You could even dress up like the mythical White Walkers from the series by using masks and other props. One of the spookier looking characters is the Hound, whose face is half burnt – and there are latex prosthetics you can buy to create a similar look.