Dr. Who Costumes

Doctor Who is based on the culmination of more than one portrayal of the character. Each one of the characters brings his own unique sense of style and quirky actions to life for the enjoyment of the multitude of fans.

Because of that, the costumes will vary in both design and style for men or women. One of the most popular characters on the BBC series is of course, Dr. Who himself. The show actually began in 1963 and then ended in 1989 but the reboot of the series began in 2005 and is just as popular as it was when it was first released.

So when you want to find a costume based on this character you can usually find them by the doctor numbers. For example, the first Doctor Who differs from the twelfth Doctor Who in costume.

Most people are searching for costumes that are based on characters from the more recent seasons of the series. You can find Doctor Who costumes that feature an elegant jacket.

This important costume is made to resemble the TARDIS, which means that it has the ability to hold all of the Doctor’s most important tools – such as the sonic screwdriver held safely in an inner pocket. The jacket can vary in colors and will often include the red inner lining.

For women, you can find the adult version of the Doctor Who jacket in the eleventh series character. This jacket can vary in size and design, but is usually single breasted with built in pockets.

Keep in mind that with most of the Doctor Who costumes for this character, his signature red bow tie is not included. The costume for the tenth Doctor Who is a long double breasted trench coat or overcoat. There are usually flap pockets and buttons for this costume.

When the eleventh Doctor Who made his appearance, as with all the others, his clothing choices were different. His costume is a tweed jacket along with the famous red bowtie. This costume is a button up and does have usable pockets both inside and outside of the jacket.

You can also find the Dalek costume. This is an antagonist alien cyborg who’s against the Doctors and fights to defeat them. This villain costume for women is a dress that’s usually made in bronze or brown colors and is designed to look like a shell. Many of these costumes come with the dress, the headband and weapons.

Cyberman costumes are also available. You can find these with the face mask attached on the hoodie or as separate pieces depending on what you buy. Plus size costumes for both men and women are available in the Dr. Who line, too.