captain america civil war costumeIf you’re looking for the perfect Halloween costume why not check out the Captain America Civil War costume range from 2016’s action-packed ensemble movie of the same name?

Featuring a large ensemble of Avengers characters, these are awesome Halloween costumes to wear if you’re looking for something current, cool, and kick ass especially if you also want to create a group costume effort.

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This movie brings together two of the most famous Avengers, Captain America and Iron Man. In Civil War they’re fighting each other because of opposing beliefs, and they each have their own team of superheroes to back them up. This means that not only can you pick a character that you think you can relate to, you can even pick a side.

This set-up is perfect especially if you’re going to a Halloween party as a big group, and gives you good excuse for mock rivalry if you see other attendees from the “other side” at the party. Captain America Civil War Costumes are definitely one of the best Halloween costume choices for 2016.

Captain America Civil War Costumes – Character Options

Halloween is that one day of the year when you can fulfill your fantasies and awaken your inner child. Civil War’s plethora of characters provides a great number of costumes to choose from.

Although so far there are a limited number of characters that are having an official Captain America Civil War costume produced for them. Here are the great characters in the movie and details of who has an official movie costume.

Captain America Civil War Costume

captain america civil war costumeCaptain America, the all-American superhero is one of the most recognizable characters, with a costume that’s complete with the colors of the Star-Spangled Banner.

You can channel your inner patriotic war hero who will protect the innocent and save the world as only Captain America can, but at the same time you can exude Steve Rogers’ signature boy-next-door charm. Don’t forget the Patriot shield!

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Captain America Civil War Iron Man Costume

iron man civil war costumeTony Stark’s alter ego is just as suave, as confident, and as unstoppable as he is. If you come to think of it, Iron Man’s fully-powered suit of armor is the one thing that makes him almost invincible and really, REALLY cool.

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With red and gold as his signature colors, Iron Man’s armor makes people feel safe and the ladies instantly swoon.

If you prefer the Iron Man 3 look, the Iron Man 3 costume is also still available.

Captain America Civil War Black Widow Costume

black widow civil war costumeWhat would you wear if you were a mysterious and sultry Russian spy who also happens to be kick-ass and cunning femme fatale? An all-black, figure-hugging body suit, of course!

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Black Widow (also known as Natasha Romanoff) is one of the most empowered female heroines in the Marvel universe, and her signature red hair is just as fiery as her personality.

Winter Soldier Civil War Costume

winter soldier civil war costumeIf you “return” to the world after everyone is already convinced you were dead, you would want to look really good while you’re at it.

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Winter Soldier or Bucky Barnes has a very scruffy but badass look as a trained assassin, but you still get the feel of the good war soldier in him.

Is there a Civil War costume on sale for this character? Yes

Captain America Civil War Falcon Costume

With a special suit that gives him the incredible ability to fly, Falcon is a superhero that has all kinds of unique powers. Aside from flying, he can communicate with birds and can see what they see.

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Is there a movie costume on sale for this character? Yes – but only for kids at present.

War Machine Civil War Costume

Indomitable, invincible, and deadly to all his enemies, War Machine is a powerful ally and a stalwart force of good. Already a war hero, his tough-looking full-body armor only increases his strength and superhuman abilities.

Is there a movie costume on sale for this character? Yes – but only for kids at present.

Captain America Civil War Hawkeye Costume

hawkeye civil war costumeAn exceptional archer, fighter, acrobat, fencer, and marksman, Hawkeye is not to be messed around with.

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Hawkeye is quite easy to spot because of his signature bow and arrow, fighting vest, and uniform that’s made of black and maroon, usually with coattails.

Captain America Civil War Black Panther Costume

black panther civil war costumeAn uncontested being in all kinds of unarmed combat, acrobatics, and even animal mimicry, the Black Panther is a great strategist and fighter.

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Covered in head to toe black with a facial mask that completes the Black Panther look, you can’t go any more badass than this.

So badass, that he’s going to feature in his own movie soon.


Vision is a synthetic humanoid whose powers are superhuman and definitely a force to be reckoned with. He has complete control over his density and can emit beams of radiation from his forehead.

Is there a movie costume on sale for this character? Not a Civil War specific version, but Avengers Age of Ultron Vision costumes are on sale.

Scarlet Witch

One of the more intriguing female characters in the Marvel universe, the Scarlet Witch’s powers are literally out of this world. With telekinesis, telepathy, mental manipulation, levitation, and psionic energy all under her belt, you do not want to mess with this girl. Scarlet and black are her signature colors, and you rarely see her without her red coat or cape.

Is/will there a movie costume on sale for this character? Maybe.


Why be the superhero when you can be the anti-hero? Ant-Man is becoming more and more popular these days, with a movie dedicated to him alone and as part of the ensemble cast in Captain America: Civil War. A red and black full body muscle suit is very Ant-Man, but what sets him apart is his special helmet.

Is there a movie costume on sale for this character? Not a Civil War specific version, but other Ant-Man costumes are on sale.

Agent 13

Sharon Carter or Agent 13 is known as a secret agent and Captain America’s girlfriend. Like many S.H.I.E.L.D. agents she usually wears a full body suit, but her signature color is white.

Is there a Civil War costume on sale for this character? No


Spider-Man is one of the most famous superheroes of all time, and his appeal really goes beyond wearing a red and blue body suit while clinging to surfaces, shooting spider webs, and swinging from one New York City skyscraper to another. It’s all about mixing Peter Parker’s awkward teenage charm with Spiderman’s adventurous and fearless side.

Is there a movie costume on sale for this character? Not a Civil War specific version, but other Spider-Man costumes are on sale.

Crossbones Civil War Costume

A ruthless mercenary and assassin, Crossbones is the supervillain you do not want to mess around with. His black and silver full body armor metal-enhanced gloves, and protective facial mask complete the look.

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Is there a Civil War costume on sale for this character? Yes – but only for kids at present.

Thunderbolt Ross

With fiery temper and a brilliant mind, General Thaddeus Ross is more than just the “Red Hulk”. Hell hath no fury like this character, and he strikes enemies like a thunderbolt and is truly a man of action.

Is there a Civil War costume on sale for this character? No.

Baron Zemo

One of the greatest supervillains of all time, comic book fans will know that Baron Zemo has a signature purple mask and is excellent in hand-to-hand combat, battle strategies, and marksmanship.

Is there a movie costume on sale for this character? No.

So Which Character Are You Going To Be?

There are many amazing Captain America Civil War Costumes to choose from. The best part about it is the line between superhero and supervillain is blurred. Not that being a hero or a villain matters much for Halloween anyway. Ultimately, it depends whose side you’re on.

It’s more about whether you are a bigger Captain America fan or Iron Man fan. Or simply that you like any of the characters enough regardless of their affiliation, when deciding which of the costumes you are going to buy. Additionally, if you preferred the costume designs in AGe of Ultron, you also have the choice with many of the character to go for an Avengers – Age of Ultron Costume.

Captain America Costume Ideas

Because Captain America has appeared in so many movies and comics, there are a couple of costume variations that you can choose from. The most popular ones are listed below, and you can pick from any of them to add some variety to your Halloween look.

Captain America Civil War Costume

captain america civil war costumeCaptain America’s look in the Civil War movie is the most modern-looking of all his looks. The blue and the red of the Captain America Civil War costume are a few shades darker than the usual blue and red you associate with Captain America, and you also no longer get red boots and globes.

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Instead you get hints of black and grey. Also, the red and white portion of the body suit is less stripe-like and more contoured. There are also some subtle lines that extend from the star’s points.

Captain America Avengers Age Of Ultron Costume

The Avengers Age of Ultron costume is modern and functional.

The body suit is still largely made of blue, and you still get the red accents in the arms (as a sort of glove from the elbow down) and the boots. There’s still the signature white (or more of metallic silver) star at the middle of the chest, and from mid-chest down you get red and white stripes.

The body suit is also more structured with zippers, a belt, and silver strips in the shoulder area. To cover the head, there’s the signature blue helmet with a big A in the forehead and holes in the eyes, ears, as well as the lower face from the nose down. Plus size costume also available.

Captain America Womens Costume Ideas

As with many popular male character problems, there is little problem producing female versions. That is true too if you are looking for a female Captain America costume.

The fun certainly isn’t spoiled in the costume world, as there are some fantastic Captain America womens costume ideas to choose from.

American Beauty Superhero Jumpsuit

For the ladies, you can look as patriotic and as brave as Steve Rogers himself in this lovely outfit. This body-hugging light red and blue metallic jumpsuit with headband will make you look like a really hot superhero.

Sexy American Hero Costume

The more feminine version of the outfit comes with a skirt instead of a pantsuit. You basically get the same white star, the same red and white stripes, with a waist-cincher. This catsuit zippers up front and is made of 85% nylon.

Captain America Civil War Costume For Kids

Kids Captain America Civil War Costumes

Captain America Civil War Costumes are also available for kids.

Avengers Age Of Ultron Kids Costume

The knee high boots, foam padding in the chest and molded plastic mask will really make any child look like a hero who can defeat Ultron and the Iron Legion.

Captain America Civil War Costume Accessories

If you are someone that likes to go the whole way when dressing up in your Halloween outfit, then you will want to consider these essentials for completing your Captain America Civil War costume.

Captain America Shield

Captain America’s signature circular shield with the white star in the middle completes our superhero’s iconic look.

If you go for the alternative Captain America stealth costume you should also get a stealth version of the shield, which is blue and silver.

Captain America Boots

Boots are also an essential part of Captain America’s look. If the costume doesn’t come with boots, you can pick from a wide variety. You can choose from plain red or plain blue boots to other versions like a red and gold, red and white, or even glittery blue with white stars.

Why You Should Dress Up in a Captain America Civil War Costume

Whether you’re male or female, dressing up as Captain America means you are patriotic. It means you have a strong desire to help others. And it means that you stand up for what you believe in, including equality and justice. He’s one of the hottest and most current big screen movie characters for 2016, making Captain America a cool Halloween costume character choice. Go rock the party in a Captain America Civil War Costume this Halloween.

Captain America Character Profile

The story of Captain America is really reminiscent of the American dream. Frail, lanky, and largely unpopular Steve Rogers enlists in the Army wanting to fight for the country during WWII.

He then transforms into a super-soldier through a performance-enhancing experiment. He is an icon of bravery and patriotism in his superhero form.

Captain America: Civil War marks the superhero’s third solo movie adventure, portrayed by the actor Chris Evans.

About the Captain America: Civil War Movie

Captain America: Civil War is directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo, and is the thirteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Action-packed, bursting with adrenaline, and perhaps the most star-studded superhero film ever, It is is a visual feast for all superhero fans.

It’s also set under the premise that it’s Team Captain America versus Team Iron Man, so it’s quite interesting and exciting to see previous allies fight it out and understand why they’re doing so.

The success and high ratings and reviews of this latest Marvel Movie cements these Captain America Civil War costumes as one of the best Halloween costume ideas for 2016.

As the title suggests, it’s a film that’s headlined by Captain America (Chris Evans) himself. Supporting him is an ensemble cast of characters, some we’ve previously seen in older Marvel movies, and some totally new. Other cast members include Robert Downey, Jr. (Iron Man) – his lead opponent in the movie, Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier), Anthony Mackie (Falcon), Don Cheadle (War Machine), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther), Paul Bettany (Vision), Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch), Paul Rudd (Ant-Man), Emily VanCamp (Agent 13), Tom Holland (Spider-Man), Frank Grillo (Crossbones), William Hurt (Thunderbolt Ross), and Daniel Bruhl (Baron Zemo).