Best Friend Halloween Costume IdeasOkay let’s have a look at best friend costume ideas. Going to a costume party as a double act is always a fantastic idea. You and your best friend, partners in crime, peas in a pod, two of a kind. It really brings the party alive, and to put a smile on everybody’s faces to get two for the price of one

So of course here we are talking Pacific Lee about two friends of the same gender, for male and female relations, will discuss those under couples costumes, as it keeps things much more simple

So without further ado let’s have a look at some ideas for your double act best friend Halloween costume ideas.

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Star Wars Costumes

If you love this hot franchise that is going to remain front and center of everybody’s minds until 2020 at the least, then you can only go very right Star Wars costumes.

For guys in particular, the choice is endless here, you could go as Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, or Han Solo and his inseparable sidekick Chewbacca, or if you are a little bit twisted why not go as Luke skywalker and his daddy Darth Vader? The Star Wars universe is rich, so if you like some of the other characters, could also look for them as well, but those mentioned of course are the classics.

For girls, you could be Princess Leia and Queen Amidala, or how about incest layer and bad ass rebel Jyn Erso from Rogue One? Or Ahsoka and Darth Talon?
The Star Wars universe is rich and so are the choices of costumes. May the Force Be With You for lots of fun!

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Simpsons Costumes

The Simpsons have been around ages now it seems, and why not bring them to the party?

For the guys, someone could go as far in the other one as Homer, or Kwik E Mart Apu and Krusty The Clown. Or Ned Fkalnders and Duffman, or Radioactive Man and Millman.

For girls there is Marge and Lisa Simpson, and Selma and Patty costumes.

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Mortal Kombat Costumes

if you end your friend are video game fanatics, Mortal Kombat costumes are a great choice.
For girls, you have a choice of Sonya Blade in her original green combat outfit, or her alternative to combat 10 design, or you can be the sexy Kitana or Mileena.

The guys, you can be some zero and Scorpion, or either of those and Raiden.

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Alice In Wonderland Costumes

If you loved Alice in Wonderland, then there are a wide selection of costumes

The guys  can be Mad Hatter and the King of hearts, or the caterpillar and the white rabbit, or the Cheshire cat and the ace of clubs.

The girls can be Alice and the Queen of hearts. While there are not many female character choices here, there are plenty of variations of Alice in particular, and the Queen of hearts to choose from, as well as some female version of male character costumes.

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Girls Only Costumes

Sisters can do it all by theirselves with these girls only ranges.

Disney Princess Costumes

Show everyone that you have it all by dressing up as Disney princess. Who was your favorite? Cinderella, Aurora, Jasmine, Elsa? You have plenty to choose from, as well as other popular Disney female characters that were never princeses.

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My Little Pony Costumes

If you loved this show as a kid, then you and your friend can relive that by dressing in these costumes based on your favorite Pony character.

That’s All For now although we’ll be adding more best friend costume ideas for Halloween 2017, so bookmark this page and keep checking back!