Assassin’s Creed: Origins Costumes

In the ever popular game franchise, a new one is just on the horizon. The Assassin’s Creed: Origins is supposed to be released at the end of October 2017. The game that’s so easily addictive has spawned dozens of costumes that you can choose to wear this Halloween.

The gist of the story is that it’s going to be set during Cleopatra’s rise, so for girls, that may be one option – but the story will focus on the character of Bayek once he’s departed from his homeland to find answers.

Bayek is featured as an older character and he’s of Egyptian descent. The game story revolves around Egypt, so costumes of that nature will fit in if you’re dressing up in a group setting.

For Halloween, you should be able to find the Bayek costume as well as one for Cleopatra – which will be numerous and easy to find. It’s unknown yet if there will be a costume available for Hotephres or Apollodorus.

There are many past Assassin’s Creed costumes that people love to dress up as – such as Ezlo, Connor, Edward, Jacob Frye, Evie, and others. They usually come in both men’s and women’s versions – as well as adult and teens.

When you look for the Bayek costume this year, expect to see a grey scarf that he wears as a hood – along with with typical Egyptian warrior clothing, including an orange piece of cloth that helps players distinguish him from others playing the game.

You’ll also be able to get accessories like a shoulder plate, leather holders, a shield, a bow and arrow as well as wrist plate protectors that double as bladed weapons. As with the other main Assassin characters, the purpose of the costume is to have a stealth warrior look.

All of the characters wear some sort of hood or hat throughout the game. There are rumors that this year’s release will have a wardrobe option, so the look of the costumes may be varied.

You can add on any sort of weapon or accessory that you want, since they’ll be using many different ones, too. While Bayek is listed with a bow and arrow, you can also buy weapons like tomahawks, a pistol, different types of swords or throwing knives, too.

The readymade costumes will be much less of a hassle, but you can always take the long path and create a cosplay Assassin’s Creed costume yourself if you want to. You can purchase individual items and create the finished look for any of the Assassin’s Creed characters you want!