Annabelle Costumes For Halloween, The Conjuring Doll

While Halloween is a lot of fun, sometimes we forget that it should be based on the weird and the spooky and the downright scary as opposed to celebrities, superheroes, and videogame characters. And that problem is solved here with the Annabel costume based on the character in The Conjuring movie. So for all you girls looking for a scary costume, if she is.

Annabelle Conjuring Halloween CostumesThis year is in fact a fantastic year finding Halloween costumes that are based on horror movie characters. For any men reading this, or if you’re looking to do a double act, the IT Pennywise costume is a fantastic idea.

Conjuring is a series that has grown very popular. Did you know that it was in fact based on a true story. Yes it was, it follows the tale of a family that was said to be cursed by an evil doll.

In real life, this curse was fought to originate from a Raggedy Ann doll. The conjuring was the first movie released series. The second one self titled Annabel was released as a prequel movie, which is ever so popular nowadays – Star Wars, a year, X-Men. And this year 2017 saw the release of the movie Annabel: creation.

Now while the real-life story is based simply on a Raggedy Ann doll, in the movies, Annabel is instead personified as an evil porcelain doll in a white dress. Her face is accentuated with thin eyebrows and as is custom in a scary clown like , she has greatly exaggerated features and make up on her face.

She has long thick blonde hair separated into two grades at the back. Each braid is tied off with red ribbon at the end just like a schoolgirl – again helping to create the twisted horror effect.

As far as the licensed costumes are concerned, you will get the white dress with a wig and mask designed to look like Annabel does in the movies.

Of course if you are imaginative, you can create your own Annabel costume ideally from a white dress with puffy sleeves, and simply add a red sash tied around the waist, tie your hair integrates, and do some pale facial make up of exaggerated features. Or simply just by the mask and wear a plain white dress if you want to do it all on the cheap but not bother with make up.

Feel free to add some accessories for dramatic effect or humor if that’s your style. Oh, and maybe a few splatters of fake blood on the white dress. You should be able to buy fake blood from any good Halloween retailer store or online.

You may also like to get some physical exercise like a fake dagger or knife. You could either get some red spray paint, or use the fake blood or some ketchup to make the knife look bloodied for that extra scary look – don’t mess with Annabel. Maybe even carrying a Raggedy Ann doll around with you as well – you’ll be looking seriously menacing and psychopathic with those ideas added.

As mentioned, if you are looking to go with one or more people, there are similar costumes in this theme of things that should ordinarily be child friendly but are in fact malevolent. So we’ve already mentioned getting and it penny wise costume. You could also get other horror characters that’s like Annabel are based on a horror movie doll. Jigsaw from the saw franchise is one idea and kind of has a similar style to the Annabel face as well. Or how about perhaps the most popular evil doll character out there – Chucky? As all these characters feature masks, it doesn’t really matter whether you are a man or a woman.

If it is you and your BFF going, and we mean girl BFF, then one of you could go as the girl plays Annabel movie, by the other person is dressed up as Annabel herself – a truly spooky combination. Anabelle costumes are  a fantastic choice for Halloween 2017.