Abby Sciuto Costume Abby Sciuto is one of the original characters and also one of the most popular NCIS characters. Sadly she is now also a former character as the actress that portrays her – Pauley Perrette has decided it’s time to sunset Abby. Fortunately her character like Dinozzo’s before her is simply relocating, leaving the door open that while NCIS goes on, there may be the chance of seeing Abby again.

But for 2018, it’s time to raise a toast this iconic character and one of the best ways to do that is to dress up as Ms Sciuto. You can buy an official Abby Sciuto Costume for Halloween if it’s on sale. But if not, fear not, most costume stores will sell all the parts you need to make one; we’ll also tell you how you can do that in this article.

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For many years, the American TV drama series NCIS which is based upon the real life US Navy and Marine Corps Criminal Investigative Service has been extremely popular not just in the US, but throughout the world. As it is still going strong, it is of no surprise that that Abby with her unique look and nature stands out as one of the awesome Halloween costumes to wear in 2018. As it marks the actress’ Pauley Perrette’s departure from the show, there has never been a better year to dress up as this much loved character.

Abby Sciuto Costume For Halloween

Although Gibbs plays the lead role in this number 1 American series, Abby Sciuto’s part should never be overlooked, her character is a significant ingredient in the forumula that has helped this show achieve the phenomenal success that it has.

It is the combination of Abby’s co-workers personalities that enhance Abby Sciuto’s zany portrayal coupled with her dress extravagance; with DiNozzo’s good looks, McGee’s geekism, Ducky’s ramblings, Ziva’s interpretation of American slang and more importantly the man of very few words – Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Abby’s gothic eccentricity is second to none as she portrays the super intelligent forensic pathologist never being outwitted or outmaneuvered.

After watching the show for an hour, it is not the dead marine that sticks in your mind but the dog collar or boots Abby was wearing. Only she could wear lace up boots to the knee with a mini skirt and create such a quirky impression.

So, whether you are an NCIS fan or not, Halloween would not be anything without you there in an Abby Sciuto costume, based on one of the most popular and longest running TV series ever, NCIS costumes are amongst the best Halloween costumes to wear.

Clothes / Accessories Needed For Your Abby Sciuto Costume

Abby Sciuto WigIf you are not blessed with jet black hair then a wig with pigtails is a must, paying particular attention to the immaculate hair style she wears.

The next item of attire required for your Abby Sciuto costume is a T shirt which must be black, emblazoned with a skull for all to see combined with a brightly colored pleated mini skirt as a means to confirm her femininity.

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Leg wear can be varied from black fishnet stockings to white socks dependent upon whether you want to wear ankle or knee high boots to depict your slant on Abby’s character.

Abby Sciuto Black Studded ChokerA studded dog collar around the neck is also a necessary feature which can be further authenticated by the careful placing of a temporary spiders web tattoo positioned below the ear to the collar.

The Abby Sciuto costume would not be complete without bright red lipstick, black eye make up and nail varnish and the Caf-Pow drink she loves as well as her NCIS ID. To really display your personal slant on her character, any additional Goth like jewellery would clearly enhance your appearance.

Abby Sciuto CostumeThis attire is further represented by the white lab coat she always wears when she’s hard at work on the forensics.

If you want to dress as her in her leisurely state, just go for some black goth clothes. Make sure you have jet black hair – natural or wig, styled with pigtails and don’t forget that lipstick. Those things you have to get right for people to recognize who you’re supposed to be.

Abby Sciuto Makeup Tutorial


Abby Sciuto Halloween Costume – Why We Love Her

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Even though Abby dresses in such a bizarre manner she is an incredibly sensitive and compassionate person. Her commitment to her work is never in question and the reason she drinks caffeine continuously is to compensate for her lack of sleep through her undying professional commitment.

This is often witnessed by her working long into the night in her quest to provide Gibbs with the results he expects and demands.

You could never imagine any NCIS episode without Abby as she is certainly a vital part to an incredibly successful cast.

Pauley Perrette has appeared in a number of American TV programmes and series but there is no doubt that her lasting legacy is as Abby Sciuto. So, a Halloween party would not be complete without an Abby or, as Gibbs would say “Abbs”, in attendance.

And as you cannot buy the costume, but have to make one, there is a great chance that you will be the only one dressed in your very own Abby Scituo costume, or at least a chance to be the best dress Ms Sciuto!

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